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* indicates required fields. In the UK, National Grid owns the following three separate network businesses: National Grid Electricity Transmission (ET): National Grid ET owns the high-voltage electricity network.
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  • It’s important not to confuse your MPAN or Supply.
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  • November = 11).
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  • How do you find your MPRN (gas supplier number)? Option 1: Your MPRN should be on your energy bill, often located towards the end or on the back, but often before your MPAN.
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    MPAS (Meter Point Administration Service) can provide the following information: Which electricity company is registered to supply a property and the dates that they have.

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  • Meter number, location number and account numbers are all located on your Diverse Power monthly bill.
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  • Contact information for outages, gas emergencies, and customer service inquiries.
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