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  • A suspended sentence which does not exceed three months’ duration can become spent under s.
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    May 26, 2016 · Under the legislation, convictions may be spent after 7 years: Convictions for certain motoring and public order offences received in the District Court, for which the sanction received was less than a 12-month custodial sentence or 24 months suspended sentence not subsequently revoked.

  • As you are probably aware, whilst your conviction is unspent it will appear on a basic.
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  • For the most part, it is the Crown Court that deals with breaches of suspended sentences, and they may require you to spend the rest of your sentence in prison.
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    The prison sentence is left hanging over the head of the offender for the period of the suspension.

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  • - More than 6 months and less than (or equal to) 30 months -.
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    If a conviction is spent, it may not appear on your criminal record (depending on the level of disclosure requested, as mentioned above) and for all practical intents and purposes, the sentence can basically be ‘ignored’.